What is Pupfluence?

Pupfluence is a network of pet influencers and the brands that need them. It is an active community where businesses can connect and collaborate with relevant content creators. 

 Photocredit:  www.instagram.com/corathedalmation

Photocredit: www.instagram.com/corathedalmation

Browse the site

Click through the website and find products you'd like to review. 

 Photocredit:  www.instagram.com/dawson_s_creek

Photocredit: www.instagram.com/dawson_s_creek

Request products

If you'd like to request a product, simply click "Request to Review." You will be notified via Instagram if you are chosen by the company!

 Photocredit:  www.instagram.com/the.paw.haus

Photocredit: www.instagram.com/the.paw.haus

Tell your friends

Post your review to your social media page letting your followers know what you think of the product.